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Meet the maker. 😊

Helloooo! I am writing this on our third week of Covid-19 quarantine. And I just thought that it is now more than ever that we need to be more human, personal, and connected. So let me just introduce myself to show that there is a real person behind this small brand. 😊

I am Cheryl, the owner, digital artist, and crafter for Betterbythebox. Actually, I do the work mostly myself. That includes delivery, accounting, sourcing, and social media marketing. So when I post a "we," it is just an "I," to be more honest. 😂 I have been into arts and crafts for a few years now but it has always been on the sideline. I tried painting using different mediums, baking, sewing, calligraphy, etc. When I see something interesting, I am curious on how it was made and if I can do it on my own. 😂 I believe there is a certain love shared whenever I finish a project I made with my own hands. ❤ I enjoy sharing my craft to people. And I wish I'll soon have the courage to try and share my work process, maybe via a vlog or short clip, though I don't know how to do it yet because I am an awkward type. 😂 But who knows how this quarantine period will end? I might be brave enough and end up doing things I never imagined I could do. 😂 I just have to continue to remind myself..."YOU CAN," right??? 😉 Too long introduction of myself there. (SORRY!) Haha! Anyway, thank you for reading and feel free to share a little of yourself too! This is the best time to connect amidst social distancing. ❤ #bemorehuman #quarantinethoughts #smallbusinesslife #supportsmallbusiness

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